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Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Maternity Covered
Renewable till age 69
NO enrollment fee
NO Association fee's
Available for individuals and groups
Highest Commission of any Guaranteed Issue plan
6 Month Advanced Commissions to qualifying agents

Beech Street Network

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We are pleased to announce our new enhanced product series Premier Options!

The cost of Major Medical coverage is going thru the roof and will continue to for the foreseeable future. Also people who have health conditions are being turned down for coverage every day. Premier Options is the answer for the people who can’t. By that I mean the people who can’t afford Major Medical and those people who can’t qualify for it.

PREMIER OPTION it is a GUARANTEED RENEWABLE POLICY, not a 'certificate' from a group master policy. No client will ever lose their coverage for any reason other than turning age 65, or not paying the premium! Up to $4950.00 per day in the hospital!!

  • Click Here   to access FLIC Premier Options brochures
  • Click Here   to access FLIC Premier Options applications 
  • Click Here   to access outline of the benefits

Cancer Plans

The statistics on cancer diagnoses are shocking! In the U.S. every 1 in 2 men and just over 1 in 3 women will develop cancer in their lifetime. However, over the last 50 years there has been extraordinary advancement of cancer treatment that has increased survival rates and given new hope for cancer patients, but with this wonderful news of hope comes an increased financial burden. Our Cancer Protection Plan is designed to assist with the cost of recovery and restore hope to cancer survivors.



PAID Accident Plan

Click HERE to view our FLIC Accident Plan!

Disability Plan

Family Life also has a Disability Plan approved for sale in the State of Florida.We are very excited about this plan as it is great for both individual and payroll deduction sales. The plan is uni-sex and uni-age. Getting a plan approved like this in Florida is a big deal.The plan will soon be added to our Manhattan Direct System, but until then we will write this the old fashion way with a paper application.To check rates click " THE RATE CARD", "THE APPLICATION" and " THE PRODUCT GUIDE" for you to look at. The product guide will give you all the information for this product. 

When you look at the list of groups which are excluded do not panic. If you have a group which falls into the excluded group category, call us.


 Here are some things for you to keep in mind:


  1. The Platinum Plan features 9 benefits that are equal to or in most cases superior to any other Guarantee Issue Plan on the market today!
  2. Our plans are Guaranteed Renewable Policies, not “certificates” of a group master policy. This provides much more security to the insured.
  3. Our Policies are Guaranteed Renewable to age 69.
  4. Premier Option policies do not require UTILIZATION REVIEW or PRE-AUTHORIZATION! They pay full benefit with ANY DOCTOR and ANY HOSPITAL.
  5. With purchase of any Premier Option plan the insured becomes a participant (at no cost to them) in the Beech Street PPO program. The insured gets a card that by using the doctors and hospitals in the network gets them a 25% to 30% discount.
  6. Premier Option plans feature HEAPED FIRST YEAR COMMI$$ION$ and COMMI$$ION ADVANCE$.
  7. There are NO INELIGIBLE OCCUPATIONS for anyone age 18-69 who works at least 30 hours per week. The spouse, when covered, has no working requirement.
  8. Pre-existing conditions treated within 12 months prior to application will not be covered for 12 months. All others are covered immediately on the Policy effective date.
  9. Maternity is covered as any other illness (10 month wait)
  10. Premier Option is using Beechstreet PPO Network as repricing network!
  11. In addition to our Premier Option plan, FLIC offers Cancer and Accident Plan!



SPECIAL BONUSES for our Premier Options Clients

When you purchase your insurance through our agency you also receive - at no cost to you - 2 AWESOME FREE BONUSES you won't get anywhere else.

These 2 FREE BONUSES below will significantly enhance your Premier Options product. Take a moment to click below and check out the SAVINGS for MEDS, IMAGING & LAB TESTING.

FREE RX PLAN Just click here and check out the savings!


Plan is available only for Florida residence clients!




and earning HIGHER COMMISSIONS in the process.

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